MIM: And So We Begin


Much has occurred since my first post of September 1st. I had total hip surgery on September 8th, and have been recovering, so other than doing some internet researching and reaching out to friends and family of Kylen and Crystal, I have not been actively writing on the case.

There are already many other blogs and a few pod-casts, regarding their case. So much of my time while recovering has been in accumulating facts and information, and sorting that out; attempting to create an accurate timeline of the events of the case, and really trying to determine exactly what I’m hoping to accomplish by blogging about it at all.

Brown leather wallet beside white ceramic mug

I’ve come to the conclusion that my concentration will be on:

  1. Accurately documenting the events of the case, including relevant documents, and items of information.
  2. Creating an accurate timeline of the events of the case.
  3. Reporting on updates, providing opinion, and other items of relevance to the case.
  4. Providing a forum for feedback and posts from relevant family and friends of Kylen and Crystal.
  5. Providing a forum, moderated by myself, for feedback, thoughts, opinions and theories from others interested in the case, who are also pursuing an interest in investigating exactly what occurred with these ladies leading up to and after their murder, in attempt to assist law enforcement in finding who committed these horrible acts against these ladies.

And so… we really begin…


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