Roe v. Wade Reversed


I have a suggestion, now that we’re all forced to live under Christian Sharia Law, in this country of religious freedom.  I think every woman of child bearing ability should exercise the only choice you are now allowed.  Have massive amounts of babies, and dump them on the state.  Hear me out now, cuz I’m trying to exercise a little forethought and long term thinking.  Something most of us religious zealots have neglected to do. 

Now… we KNOW the Republican administrations and populations in these anti-abortion states have absolutely zero concern in caring for, feeding, raising, or educating these children once they emerge from the womb.  That’s gonna require some massive tax dollars.. 🤔 don’tcha think?
💡Here’s the second part of my plan.  Lord knows, since we’ve deported all our produce pickers and built that wall on the border… goddamn I’ve missed a good peach!  Haven’t yall?  And the price of a tiny avocado has more than doubled!  What’re we gonna do Ken?, you might ask. 
BINGO!   Slave babies!

We still need somebody to pick our cotton.  And our peaches.  And make our widgets.  Now this aint as far fetched as it might seem… hear me out.
This is what Republicans ultimately want anyway. Uneducated, cheap… , hell free, labor.  I know in Mississippi we’ve never gotten over the loss of our free labor system.  We still bemoan it.  We pine for the days we can rise again!  Some of us actually want to secede from the union over the celebration of it. 
So!..  And I’m sure many of you good Christian, like minded folks can see where I’m going…. We use all these “welfare babies” for free labor!!  Amen?  😀

We don’t really want em educated.. too much.  And That’s not really a problem now, since were funneling our public school dollars to our good Christian private schools… (and praise Jesus… ain’t it about time!). Course, we don’t want em learning about our.. messy ole past.  Thank the lord we’ve banned any semblance of teaching that in schools!  Talk about dodging a bullet! ……Whewwwww!
Let’s ignore the constitution for a minute… or let’s just have our SCOTUS reinterpret it to allow for this new class of.. um.. “Citizens”

They’ll pay for their own room and board through their good work.  Indentured servitude aint really allowed… maybe we can give em a voucher or something.  Those are popular.   But that really doesn’t matter.  They are wards of the state.  And once we get the federal amendments set aside, well, at least in our state, problem solved!  (Mississippi!  Leadin’ the Nation!)

Now comes the best part! 

Every year we gather all the ones who are no longer capable of turning a profit or carrying their own weight, we line em up and let the gun nuts dispose of em with their AK’s.  Let em bleed off some of that rage and anger with a positive outlet.   Hell, we can all turn out with our guns and get rid of our pent up frustrations.  Turn that frown upside down!

And Let’s do it on the 4th of July!  Because… lets be honest here.. as our forefathers intended, freedom is only ‘sposed to be guaranteed for White, Christian males.   And that’s a big Amen!

(Featured image from Charlie Hebdo, Paris)


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